Dr. Rui asked

  • Company details
    Company details

    Mei She Rui is an innovative, domestically produced and developed metal ceramic material company with independent intellectual property rights.

  • Products and grades
    Products and grades

    Meisherui mainly produces cermet products; Meisherui company is the third generation to produce cermet products, and its indicators have surpassed domestic similar products.

  • Cermet grinding technology
    Cermet grinding technology

    Why are cermets more difficult to process than cemented carbide products?

  • Cermet Technology
    Cermet Technology

    The difficulty of cermet production is mainly due to the precise control of its components; the carbon-nitrogen ratio of cermets is not easy to control, which affects the performance indicators of the product. Domestic manufacturers cannot better grasp the group of cermet materials ...

  • After-sales service
    After-sales service

    The warehouse is in stock: 3 days, 3 + N pieces in stock but not ground ÷ 100, but N now has sintered blanks redesigned in 5,000 pieces within 7 days, and new products can be provided within 45 days.