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Meishe Rui New Material Co., Ltd.

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Company Profile

Chengdu Meishe Rui New Material Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, production, marketing and after-sale of cermet materials. The company's R & D and production base covers an area of more than 50 acres. Through the introduction and customization of high-end equipment and independent innovation of scientific research technology, it has now built a fully automatic internal circulation production line with an annual output of 20 million cermet blades and other wear-resistant parts and profiles. The company has foreign trade import and export rights, and its business scope covers more than 30 industrial developed countries and regions in the world. It has become the leading brand of domestic metal ceramics, and its market share ranks first. International top-level standard quality control system, rich and complete market product chain, and systematic solutions together ensure the company's products are widely used in a variety of workpieces and working conditions. As a practitioner of "Made in China" in the transition period, the company has won national high-tech enterprises, technology-based technological innovation fund project enterprises, Chengdu new economy gradient cultivation enterprises, the first batch of application demonstration guidance directory units of provincial key new materials, etc. Honorary title, and shined in the 2016 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Finals.
Meishuangrui has long advocated technological innovation. It has an enterprise technology research and development center and an academician (expert) workstation in Chengdu. It has a team of experts, scholars, and engineers who have been engaged in technology research and development and application in the field of metal ceramics for many years. Molecular materials, new high-performance structures and functional materials, and other industries are trained and technically grafted. They have industry-leading research and manufacturing capabilities and have obtained more than 30 national intellectual property patents. The company's titanium carbonitride-based cermet material preparation technology has been appraised by the Provincial Department of Science and Technology. The overall technology and various indicators have reached international advanced standards. The titanium carbonitride nitrogen fixation technology has reached the international advanced level.
In April 2016, Premier Li Keqiang inspected the Meisuirui team project and highly praised the company's domestic manufacturing process and craftsmanship of high-end new materials. The R & D team kept on advancing in the international field. In December 2018, the Department of Raw Materials of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology came to Sichuan to investigate the new material industry. The director of the General Office, Chang Guowu, affirmed and supported the top production and manufacturing capabilities of Meishe Rui Metal Ceramic Materials and adhered to the concept of green circular economy. High-end manufacturing supply chain realizes China's strategic transformation from a material country to a material country.
The company has now entered a stage of rapid and steady development, from the automation and intelligence of cutting-edge cutting-edge manufacturing to the networked digitalization of post-sales systems, from process quality to the industrial level, from product research and innovation to system concept expansion, enabling the industry 4.0 era. . While the company is setting up a global marketing network, it will also continue to focus on technology research and development to strengthen its own professional strengths, comprehensively enhance the core competitiveness of Meishe Rui, and continue to provide high-quality and leading cooperation to domestic and foreign customers.


Create the world's leading win-win platform for materials technology
Provide customers with complete and comprehensive solutions, provide partners with mutually beneficial cooperation opportunities, and provide employees with development opportunities that unlock their potential

Lead material technology, drive the industrial revolution, and reshape human life

Customer first, customer demand is the responsibility of the direction of progress, professional ethics, self-behavior, hard work, innovation, hard work, no precariousness, synergy and efficiency, team supreme and enhanced cooperation efficiency

Company values

Customer first
Customer demand is the way forward. All our work should be guided by customer needs, respond quickly to customer needs, deliver quality products and provide comprehensive services to customers, create value for customers, and continuously improve customer satisfaction.

1. Philosophy
1) The goal of all our sequence work is to point to customer satisfaction. Every employee, especially the front-line employees facing customers, should constantly think about how to help customers create value. At any time and place, behaviors that harm customer satisfaction are not allowed, but we also discourage customers from abandoning personal dignity to please them.
2) Product development should be guided by customer needs and guided by customer success;
3) In sales management, it is necessary to tilt high-quality resources to high-quality customers, and build strategic partnerships based on this.

1 point, respect the customer, face the customer with a smile, and maintain the future image anytime, anywhere;
积极面对客户反馈及投诉,不推诿,积极高效地帮助客户解决问题; 2 points , actively facing customer feedback and complaints, not pushing back, actively and efficiently helping customers solve problems;
每周主动和客户接触,践行客户亲密度法则; 3 points , proactively contact customers every week, and practice the principle of customer intimacy;
从客户需求出发,为客户交付高质量的产品和优质的服务,不断改进我们的工作,让客户和公司都满意; 4 points , starting from customer needs, delivering high-quality products and services to customers, continuously improving our work, and satisfying customers and the company;
研究客户的本质需求,具有前瞻性,提供超出客户期望的产品和服务。 5 points , research the customer's essential needs, be forward-looking, and provide products and services that exceed customer expectations.


1. Philosophy
Responsibility. Dedicated to the job is the most basic professional ethics. Responsibility is the basis for us to do every job well. Companies need to be accountable to customers, partners, and employees. Employees are responsible for positions, colleagues, and the company. Responsible employees are a valuable asset for the company's growth.

对待工作,不等、不靠、不推诿、不扯皮; 1 point , treat work, do not wait, do not rely on, do not shirk, do not bullshit;
对人、对事负责,不在问题面前推脱责任,不要借口要结果; 2 points , responsible for people and things, do not shirk responsibility in front of problems, do not use excuses for results;
敢于担当责任,勇于直面矛盾,善于解决问题,把可能变成可为; 3 points , dare to take responsibility, be brave to face conflicts, be good at solving problems, and turn possible into action;
承担责任承受委屈,在工作需要岗位需要时勇挑大梁,不以个人能力边界去推脱; 4 points , take responsibility and bear grievances, choose the big ones when the job requires the post, and do not shirk from the personal ability boundary;
积极有为,把不可能变成可能,对于不可能完成的任务,迎难而上,大胆创新,寻求突破,通过不懈努力完成任务。 5 points , positive and promising, turning the impossible into possible. For the impossible task, face the difficulties, make bold innovations, seek breakthroughs, and complete the task through unremitting efforts.

Hard work innovation

1. Philosophy
Hard work is an individual's survival principle, and it is also an enterprise's survival rule. Innovation is the realization of personal value and the driving force for enterprise development. Hard work means tenacity, and innovation means courage to challenge. However, hard work cannot be trapped blindly and touched by yourself. To break through your own limits, you must have a direction. In the end, it is for the achievement of innovation, not only for self-change, but also for corporate innovation.

适应公司的日常变化,不抱怨; 1 point , adapt to the daily changes of the company, without complaining;
根据公司变化,自己做出有效调整; 2 points , make effective adjustments based on company changes;
有拼搏精神,永不满足、不断提升,学习并移植各行业的先进经验,让自己的工作不断优化提升; 3 points , with a spirit of hard work, never satisfied, continuous improvement, learning and transplanting advanced experience in various industries, so that their work continues to optimize and improve;
善于拼搏、不断改进、总结本质,让自己的工作处于行业领先; 4 points , good at hard work, continuous improvement, summing up the essence, and let my work lead the industry;
在工作中有前瞻意识,积极主动创造变化,永攀高峰,引领公司和行业进步。 5 points , have a forward-looking consciousness at work, actively create change, climb the peak forever, and lead the company and industry progress.

Collaborative and efficient

1. Philosophy
The team is supreme, the efficiency of cooperation is strengthened, and the interests of the organization are higher than the interests of the individual. The company is a development platform for all employees. The team is in front, the ego is behind, the team is collaborative, the advantages are complementary, and the long-term and overall benefits of the company are maximized regardless of the short-term and local losses of the individual.

接受专业分工,积极融入团队,乐于接受团队的帮助,配合团队完成工作; 1 point , accept professional division of labor, actively integrate into the team, be willing to accept the team's help and cooperate with the team to complete the work;
决策前,积极参与讨论并发表意见;决策后,无论个人是否有异议:须从言行上完全予以支持; 2 points , actively participate in the discussion and make comments before making a decision; after the decision, whether or not an individual has an objection: full support must be given in words and deeds;
善于借助团队的力量,避免重复劳动,并积极主动地分享经验; 3 points , good at using the strength of the team to avoid duplication of work, and actively share experience;
快速响应伙伴合理需求,主动支持他人,达成合作共赢; 4 points , quickly respond to the reasonable needs of partners, proactively support others, and achieve win-win cooperation;
不计较个人短期、局部得失,实现公司长期、整体利益最大化。 5 points , irrespective of individual short-term, local gains and losses, to maximize the company's long-term, overall benefits.


About customers
Customers are the foundation on which we live. Our goal is to help customers create value. The essence is to achieve customers and help customers succeed. There is no zero-sum survival mode between the company and the customer. There is only a win-win and multi-win collaborative survival mode. Therefore, the success of customers will ultimately create opportunities for our success.

About employees
Positive, responsible, hardworking and innovative employees are our company's greatest wealth;
The enterprise is a platform through which employees can play to achieve their personal dreams and win-win with the enterprise;
We are a community, have a common cause, follow common principles, and struggle for common goals;
There is no shortage of gold, no one is perfect, and people with outstanding advantages often have obvious shortcomings. We insist on employing talents;
Work attitude and ability should be reflected in work performance. Failure is allowed, but it is not allowed to shirk work, not to take responsibility, and make the same mistakes.

About cadres
We will select cadres by horse racing, not soma;
The company's development is a long-distance race, and the selection of cadres must focus on long-term performance;
We believe that morality, style and ability are necessary conditions for cadres, and the higher the rank, the more important;
Cadres must be responsible, responsible, and have a big picture, and they must have the habit of self-criticism and self-reflection;
Cadres have the responsibility to take the lead in practicing and inheriting the company's cultural values;
Cadres are not life-long systems.